Are you looking for...
  • Inspiration: Quick, efficient workouts
  • Motivation: Daily check-ins and real-time, applicable coaching
  • Accountability: Daily action items to keep you on your own to-do list
  • Community: Like minded mama's who are right there with you!
Join the Strong Mama's for the 12 Days of Liftmas Challenge! 🎄
Join Natalie Guevara, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for 12 days of workouts, nutrition coaching, accountability, support, and FUN!
  • Nutrition Coaching: Quick, actionable strategies that you can implement NOW!
  • ​​Workouts: Daily 10 minute workouts you can do anywhere
  • ​Habits: Real, achievable habits and actions that you can do throughout the holidays to lower stress ✔️ boost energy ✔️ and feel great ✔️ well before the new year! 

Who's it for?

👉 Women & mama's
👉 Women who want to feel strong, confident and supported by their bodies.
👉Women who want to feel satisfied and fulfilled through their nutrition while still reaching their goals.
👉Women who are exhausted from yo-yo dieting and punishing themselves in the gym
👉Mama's who want to have FUN working out, and still be able to enjoy activities of daily living! 
👉Women & mama's who want to lift other women & mama's up!

The challenge begins Monday December 7th!

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Hi! I'm Natalie, your coach!
Together, we will support one another and hold each other accountable through the 12 days of Liftmas! 
As you coach, I will be gifting you FUN, quick workouts and nutritional tips that you implement right away.
As a Moderation365 Consultant, I am all about functionality, moderation and satisfaction as we navigated the tasty treats and relaxation over the holidays.
I'll be coaching you in real-time going right alongside you on this journey.
I can't wait to see you in the community! 
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